Virtual Appliance

Lower deployment costs and accelerate time to value with a “plug-and-play” virtual appliance.

In addition to the traditional methods of deploying and installing ZENworks®, you can now take advantage of a fast, convenient virtual appliance option. The ZENworks Virtual Appliance is a complete ".ova" appliance built from SUSE Studio™ (JEos). It features SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server 11 as the OS platform and runs on versions of VMWare ESX/EXSi 3.5 that include updates 4 and 4.0.

This innovative deployment option allows you to:

  • Deploy and install ZENworks as a VMware ESX-based virtual appliance on any VMware ESX server
  • Reduce the time and costs required to deploy a comprehensive configuration management solution
  • Take full advantage of ZENworks Configuration Management, ZENworks Asset Management, ZENworks Patch Management, and ZENworks Endpoint Security Management, all of which are bundled in the virtual appliances
  • Choose to use the bundled Embedded Sybase database included with ZENworks or any other database that ZENworks supports