Lock Down Your Wireless Network Security

Protecting you from even the most unprotected Wi-Fi network.

Corporations have taken steps to ensure the security and privacy of their own internal Wi-Fi networks, yet this protection often stops at the enterprise perimeter. Every day your employees sit in the airport, at the hotel, or a coffee shop checking their email or downloading customer records or other sensitive data.

The question is not whether your company needs wireless security: It's really about how you get the wireless genie back into the bottle before you experience a serious compromise.

Unprotected Wi-Fi networks pose multiple threats to business. Without wireless security controls, users can inadvertently compromise both local and corporate data, from a Wi-Fi hotspot or even from the office. Hackers can easily find an opening in an unprotected system on an access point or hotspot and run scripted, peer-to-peer attacks. They can gain access to confidential data such as customer lists, project plans, and even username-password combinations.

ZENworks® Endpoint Security Management provides the industry's first centrally managed endpoint security software solutions to control and manage wireless connectivity on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 machines.

Your IT department can:

  • Exercise complete control over wireless connectivity
  • Ensure use of only approved wireless NIC cards
  • Completely silence the wireless radio, if desired
  • Automatically distribute WEP pre-shared keys without user intervention
  • Permit communication only via approved wireless devices
  • Receive timely information on rogue access points and unauthorized WLANs
  • Automatically adapt user connectivity permissions by network location
  • Block unsafe wireless connections such as ad-hoc connections and those not protected by WEP, WPA and 802.11i, or other standards

Your users can:

  • Securely access authorized wireless APs even in risky environments
  • Easily connect without entering complicated security key information
  • Securely remain productive in any wireless location
  • Safely conduct business in multiple locations
  • Avoid making difficult security decisions
  • Avoid being bounced around from one AP to another AP, losing connectivity

Hackers cannot:

  • Gain access to the corporate network via a user's wireless network card
  • Scan notebook PC ports and read sensitive data over wireless hotspots
  • Plant malware on mobile devices through wireless access
  • Divert sensitive communications to rogue access points
  • Trick users into making unsafe connections with unauthorized or "ad-hoc" access points

The patent-pending AccessAware™ technology centrally manages and controls mobile WLAN connectivity and access point visibility by NIC, user/group and location.