Avoid Security Breaches

Safeguard the security of each laptop full of sensitive data.
Avoid security breaches and stay out of the news

With so much sensitive data traveling outside your firewall on laptops, it's not if, but when that data is going to end up in the wrong hands. You've seen the headlines—big companies, big breaches, big news.

But there are lesser-known breaches that are just as devastating. And, too often, those breaches involve unprotected mobile devices:

  • When a financial representative lost his laptop, the bank he worked for had to notify every customer that their policy information may have been exposed.
  • At one Texas hospital, an employee's laptop was stolen. Data losses included sensitive patient information, including social security numbers.
  • A laptop went missing at a gift shop, exposing the names, addresses, and bank accounts of consultants, New Hampshire residents, and an unreported number of other affected individuals nationwide.
  • Two laptop computers went missing at a medical office. Both laptops contained the names, social security numbers, and diagnoses data of patients. The office involved has since encrypted all hard drives that contain patient information.

Mobile devices are designed to be portable. That means you can take them anywhere. It also means anyone can take them. And what happens next isn't pretty.

What are the consequences of losing a device?

It costs money to replace a lost or stolen laptop. But if the data on that device gets out, that loss becomes more than a laptop—it becomes a nightmare. A single security breach can reach an average of US $6.75 million in direct costs, lost productivity, and lost customer opportunities.

Even if the data is never breached, if you don't encrypt, you may have to notify every individual whose data was on that device—patients, customers, students, citizens, or other employees. And their trust is something you might never recover.

Keep your company safe. Protect your good name with ZENworks® Full Disk Encryption that covers every bit, byte, and file. It's the only way to be sure that the people walking around with your devices are the only people accessing your data.

See for yourself how often data breach happens and why. Get a complete, up-to-date list of breaches at www.privacyrights.org/data-breach.