ZENworks Patch Management is also part of ZENworks Suite.
(Please note that the patch subscription is not included and requires an additional fee.)

Defend your network against the high costs of viruses. Micro Focus ZENworks® Patch Management (formerly Novell® ZENworks Patch Management) is an automated patch management solution that retrieves and deploys the right patches to the right machines at the right times.

  • Lower patch management costs and labor
  • Expand the reach of your patch management solution
  • Boost compliance with better patch management
  • Enjoy a truly unified solution
Lower patch management costs and labor

Enable automated processes for patch assessment, monitoring, and remediation. Apply patches up to 13 times faster without burdening your staff.

Expand the reach of your patch management solution

Secure your endpoints with pre-tested patches for Windows, Linux, and more. Control your Windows and Linux patches from a single unified console.

Boost compliance with better patch management

Monitor patch compliance, quickly identify and assess vulnerabilities, and automatically apply updates and patches to meet pre-defined standards.

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"Our success with ZENworks has helped develop an alliance between IT and CTA executive management. Innovative products from Novell (now a part of Micro Focus) are paving the way for IT to become a strategic partner, rather than a necessary evil."
Jeff Keller   /   IT Director,  CTA Architects Engineers

Assistant VP of Technical Services Paul Beaudry originally implemented Vibe in 2012 to replace an aging intranet portal. A year later, when his company acquired a food processing firm with multiple locations, Vibe helped new employees make a seamless transition–from a Microsoft environment to a Micro Focus environment–in only one day.

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"No other vendor offers everything we get with ZENworks in a single suite—and one that works with all our systems."

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Using a number of different technologies, Bexley Business Support Unit has experienced less downtime for the business, significant cost savings, and great benefits for their users.

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