What Is User Experience Management?

User experience management is the practice of monitoring end user interaction with applications to identify and address performance issues.

The definition of user experience (UX) management is important because it guides the approach to improving apps and directly impacts the quality of the end result.

Why user experience management?

Rising expectations for a delightful user experience are a two-sided coin. They create an opportunity to distinguish your brand, boost your reputation for service, increase customer loyalty, and expand your customer base. But if you can’t continuously satisfy expectations, you risk severe consequences. Here’s a quick synopsis of possible outcomes:

Digital users across mobile, web, and desktop have the expectation that their experience will continue to improve on a regular basis. As companies proactively respond to the anticipated challenges users face, users recognize those changes and show their appreciation for the company through higher ratings, more downloads, additional sharing.Updates and improvements in digital apps can even generate positive press resulting in attracting a new market and new users who will add to the positive reviews and promotions of the app.

If the digital user is less than impressed with the experience from the app your team has created they will take action. They will complain, uninstall, leave negative reviews, and announce to their peers and friends how the company responded to the complaints regarding app performance. The negative reviews and uninstalls of the app lead to a negative overall rating of the company and cause lost revenue and business.

Proactive monitoring and continuous testing of web, mobile, and desktop applications is a vital part of what drives positive app experiences and establishes a brand as a leader in digital user experience.

User experience management solutions

The Micro Focus AppPulse Suite of user experience management solutions automate and accelerate the process of delivering end user applications with synthetic monitoring to emulate user performance, user monitoring to track the digital experience, web performance monitoring to reduce triage time, and transaction analytics to trace problems to their source. The Micro Focus AppPulse Suite of user experience management solutions includes:

Synthetic monitoring – Web application monitoring service for websites, mobile, cloud, and SaaS apps that lets you see users' perspectives.

Mobile monitoring – Tool that tracks the real user experience of your mobile apps.

Project and portfolio management – Standardizes, manages, and captures execution and operational activities to provide critical information.

Application monitoring – Solution that provides code level visibility for problem solving at the transaction level.

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