About Your Login

Your login account is designed to allow you to use a single set of authentication credentials to access all of the secure applications or databases on Micro Focus and NetIQ to which you have entitlement rights.

Instead of entering your user ID and password each time, this single-point authentication, or login, gives you instant access to everything once logged in.

How it Works

The login uses eDirectory™ , with its superior scalability, security, speed and reliability, to store and maintain your login account. Authentication and access control is provided by NetIQ Access Manager™ , which also accelerates content and provides a single-sign-on environment. Together, eDirectory and Access Manager provide a solution that simplifies, secures, and accelerates your customer experience.

Why This is Cool

Reports show that on average, a typical user spends around 44 hours a year just managing multiple logins. Although we won't be solving all of your login concerns across the internet with this login, we can make your daily experience on our websites faster and more enjoyable.


Here are answers to a few Frequently Asked Questions that might help you understand this login better.

Q: What if I forget my password?

A: When you choose your password and username, you will supply us with a security question that (hopefully) only you know the answer to. If you go on a long vacation and forget everything, you can click Forgot Password and we'll give you the security question. If you type in the correct answer, you'll be prompted to enter a brand-new password.

Q: What's a good security question?

A: It should not be a question about the password itself. For example, if you set your password as Genius173 (your IQ), you should not create a security question that says, "What is your IQ?." That would be too easy to guess (especially for your Mensa buddies). Your security question should be something unrelated, such as,,

Security Question: "What is the name of your mother-in-law's first dog?"
Response: Alfredo3

Q: How secure is this? I'd hate to think of someone getting in and using my Premium Support account, or running up a big bill with my Channel Order account.

A: Your profile information is stored in an extremely secure fashion, since we use eDirectory. eDirectory™ is a native, cross-platform LDAP directory service that allows us to capture and protect your identity information and cater to you based on highly personalized profiles.

As with every other password-protected thing, you are ultimately responsible for securing the access to your identity. If you set passwords that are easily guessed, or you provide a security question that that is too obvious, or you walk away from your computer while you are still logged in, you undermine your own security.

We suggest you create solid barriers through the wise choice of username, password, security question, and answer, that you never leave your logged-in computer unattended, and that you always use LOGOUT (rather than the back button) to close your session.

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