Unified Functional Testing (UFT)

Functional Test Automation Software


Test execution at full-velocity

Burst tests across distributed functional testing infrastructures, parallel execution on web and mobile devices, or trigger tests on a massive scale in the cloud.

Storage gear
Comprehensive technology stack

Dominate the tide of technologies with 40+ apps and environments, including web, ERP, rich-client, mainframes, development tools, and more.

Visual-based design

Keep up with unpredictable UI changes by learning objects like humans do—through image-based Insight, visual anchors, and embedded OCR (ABBYY, Google).

DevOps ready

Leverage a broad ecosystem of integrations—from source control tools (Git, SVN) to CI/CD tools (Jenkins, Bamboo, TFS, VSTS).

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True cross-browser coverage

Script once and replay all tests across the leading browsers and browser versions, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, and Edge.

Open architecture

Harness UFT’s add-in extensibility to recognize third-party and custom controls without spending extra money on Professional Services.


自动化测试可帮助快速提高质量。探究 Gartner 为什么在魔力象限中将 Micro Focus 评为软件测试自动化领域的领导者。


免费试用 Unified Functional Testing

尝试完整的 UFT 功能,针对浏览器、移动平台、API、ERP 应用程序和其他桌面技术进行应用程序自动化软件测试。

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