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Strategic Insight

Unstructured data analytics empower your people and
drive your future.

Unstructured data analytics help you protect, manage, archive, and gain strategic insight by leveraging AI and machine learning. Drive employee empowerment and efficiency to support rapid digital change.

Artificial Intelligence, Actionable Insight

Real-time unstructured data analytics of text, audio, video, and image sources across organizational data.

Productive, Empowered People

Flexible, smarter, more collaborative work environments.

Empowering the Remote Worker

Deliver the right content, to the right people, at the right time, to any device.

Turning Data into Action

Information transfer has evolved from the earliest of times. Evolution never stops, and we can now argue convincingly that the world of data has moved to a situation of all-to-all. Today’s governance strategy must consider tomorrow’s critical data sources.

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Artificial intelligence, actionable insight.

Extract maximum value and actionable insight from text, audio, video, and image data by leveraging AI and machine learning for exact results.

Data Protector

Secure backup, fast recovery.

Secure, compliant backups of all company data from a single management point. Ensure your operations can quickly return to normal to minimize damage.

Unified Endpoint Management

Manage, secure, and protect users and devices.

Unify traditional and mobile device management to reduce costs, improve productivity, and protect your organization.

Content Management

Deliver the right content to the right people.

Reduce risk, complexity, and cost when managing content.

Email, Social, and Team Collaboration

Bring people and projects together.

Provide a single, integrated software ecosystem that offers everything your teams need to stay connected, regardless of location.

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