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Servers Page

Getting there

  • Select the menu icon () to expand the left navigation menu and select Servers

The Servers page lists all the servers known to the Administrative Console. These servers are saved in a file, which gets read when the Administrative Console server starts, and gets updated when a server is added or removed from this list. The dashboard uses this list to find all the Client Managers that are monitored.

From the Servers page, users (with access) can

View the Read-only Server Properties

From the Servers list, click the light bulb icon to view the Servers Properties.

The read-only properties for the selected Server display.

  • Address: the Host name or IP Address.

  • Port: the port number for the Server.

  • Protocol: the protocol level.

Add a Server

To add a server to the Administrative Console:

  1. Select the menu icon at the top left of the Administrative Console and open the Servers page.

  2. From the Servers page click Add and click New.

    The Add Server page displays.

  3. Enter the Host name or IP address and the corresponding Port number. Click Test Connection to verify the entries.

  4. Then click Add at the bottom right of the Administrative Console.

Remove a Server

To remove a server from the Administrative Console:

  1. Click the delete icon for the server you wish to delete.

  2. Click Yes when prompted to confirm the action.