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DASDL Update and Reorganization

This chapter describes how to use Databridge Twin to handle a DASDL update/reorganization of the primary database. Garbage collection reorganizations on the primary database do not impact the secondary database and can be ignored.

Handle a DASDL Update

Databridge Twin requires the descriptions of the primary and secondary database structures to be identical and the update timestamps of the DESCRIPTION files to be identical. A DASDL update generates a new update level and update timestamp. Twin cannot process audit files written by the new update level from the primary system if the secondary database is at the old update level. The secondary database cannot be reorganized to match the primary database because the update timestamps will not match even though they would be at the same update level.

For this reason when the DASDL is updated on the primary system, the secondary system will have to be generated and cloned from scratch.

Use this procedure with Databridge Twin to manage updates and reorganizations to the primary database.

To update a DASDL

  1. Remove the secondary database files.
  2. Perform all of the steps in the “Configure the secondary database” section.
  3. Clone the primary database using your preferred method.