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General Troubleshooting Procedures

If you have problems using Databridge Twin, complete the following steps:

  1. Make sure that your system meets the requirements necessary to use the product. See the Databridge Installation Guide for system requirements.
  2. If your primary and secondary systems are on separate mainframes, ensure that the mainframes are communicating, as follows:
    • Try the PING function.
  3. Check your setup, as follows:
    • Is Databridge Server running on the primary system? Check the mix to make sure. If it is not running, see Start Databridge Server for more information.
    • If your restart data set did not meet the criteria, did you use the INCLUDE statement or copy the DBTWINCONTROL patch to your DASDL source?
  4. Check your configuration options for connecting to the mainframe and the DMSII primary database, as follows:
    • Verify that SOURCE in the Databridge Twin parameter file is pointed to the correct Databridge Server and SOURCE on the primary system. For details, see SOURCE for more information. Also check the DBServer parameter file and make sure the entry for SOURCE is correct.
    • Verify that your entries in the Databridge Twin parameter file match your entries in the DBServer parameter file, especially the port number.
  5. Check the status of the Databridge Twin Engine. For instructions, see Databridge Twin AX Commands.
  6. Resolve any errors that you receive. If you receive error messages or status messages that you don’t understand, see the Databridge Messages Guide on the installation image for help resolving these messages.
  7. If you cannot identify and solve the problem without assistance, contact your product distributor. Call from a location where you have access to the problem mainframe.
  8. Troubleshoot the problem using information available from the Micro Focus Knowledge Base articles.

    This service directly links you to our internal help desk system, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  9. Contact Micro Focus Customer Care.

Troubleshooting Table

The following table lists common problems and their solutions:

Problem Resolution
Databridge Twin gets a PORT file I/O error and terminates Start Databridge Server on the primary system. Server must be running for Databridge Twin to contact it. If Server is not running, Databridge Twin tries until it eventually gets a PORT file I/O error and terminates.
Any of the following occur:

  • Disk crash on the secondary system.
  • Any reorganization of the primary database.
  • Loss of communications between the primary and secondary systems for enough time that it is less expensive to recreate the secondary database than it is to process all of the audit files. For example, if the primary database is relatively small but highly volatile, it would most likely be less expensive to recreate the secondary database.
Reclone the secondary database on the secondary system by removing all of the database and audit files and then repeat the replication procedure as described in Start the Clone on the Primary System and Finish the Clone on the Secondary System.
A message appears stating that the DBTWINCONTROL data set is not defined or is not available. Check the following:
  • Did you compile the DASDL after adding the $INCLUDE “PATCH/DATABRIDGE/TWIN/ DASDL” statement or after inserting the contents of PATCH/DATABRIDGE/TWIN/DASDL?
  • Did you initialize DBTWINCONTROL using DMUTILITY? For instructions, see Chapter 2, Configuring Databridge Twin.