Configure Mainframe Drives

You define a PC drive letter for use within tools supporting SourceConnect technology. The drive letter you define is mapped to a mainframe catalog search value.

To configure a mainframe drive:

  1. On the Server Access Configuration dialog box, select the SourceConnect tab.
  2. Click Add to display the drive mapping dialog box.
    Note: You need to have specified a mainframe node, see Adding a Mainframe Node for more information.
  3. On the drive mapping dialog box:, select a drive letter and enter the mainframe details to map to it.
    • Select the drive letter to map from the pull-down list. Only available drives are displayed.
    • In the Mainframe catalog search criteria field, enter a search string with wildcards that will find the catalogs that you want.
    • In the Node field, use the pull-down list to select a mainframe node that you have defined.
  4. Click OK to set your definitions.

    Each drive letter is associated with a specific node. This allows you to alter the node details without having to change the drive letter details.

    SourceConnect tab

By selecting the type mainframe you are required to enter the catalog search criteria for that logical SourceConnect drive. The drive letter gives you access to the entire mainframe, subject to standard mainframe security rules, however, in a workstation directory list against the logical SourceConnect drive, only datasets that match the criteria will be displayed.

You can specify multiple search criteria, delimited by semi-colons, in this field. All datasets that match any of these criteria will be accessible.

Note: It is not recommended to enter search criteria that produces a large result. SourceConnect is limited to about 1300 returned entries for a catalog search, and for each one mapped to a drive, the VTOC information must be obtained. This can result in a performance problem for large-size results.

For example, if you defined drive S: with the catalog search criteria of CSI01.JPD;MFI01.LAS, then all datasets that start with either CSI01.JPD or MFI01.LAS will be displayed in a workstation directory list when S:\*.* is used.

You can use an asterisk in the middle or end of the search criteria as well. For example CSI01.*.COBOL will give all datasets that begin with CSI01 and end with COBOL.

You can map multiple drive letters onto various mainframes to enable you to perform default directory searches on multiple catalog-search prefixes. This means you can access more than one catalog-search environment as different drive letters. This is only necessary when you want to see a different directory list of mainframe datasets when drive-letter :\*.* is referenced.