Configure Global Extension Overrides

To access this feature, click Configure your datasets on the SourceConnect tab.

This is one of the most important configuration parameters for SourceConnect. You will need to understand this statement, to be able to define and control mainframe files as SourceConnected files. This defines controlled extensions for input/output requests on the drive letters specified in the drive entries, with changes in the mainframe type to this specific extension. You may globally override mainframe types to be specific extensions with this statement. This is very useful, as it prevents you from having to code a partitioned dataset, Librarian dataset or Panvalet dataset statement for each dataset that you wish to override the extension with. For example, if you wanted to override all mainframe types of SOURCE to be CBL, then specify SOURCE as the mainframe type, and CBL as the associated workstation extension. You can add multiple override parameters.

Dataset Configuration Extensions Override tab

Mainframe type to override
Specify the mainframe type that you want SourceConnect to convert to the workstation extension.
Associated workstation extension
Specify the file extension that you want SourceConnect to use and control when accessing SourceConnect controlled drives for the mainframe type specified.