Configure Partitioned Datasets

To access this feature, click Configure your datasets on the SourceConnect tab.

This option defines a named dataset as being a PDS.

It is not recommended to use this entry, as all non-migrated PDS datasets are automatically picked up by SourceConnect, based on the catalog search criteria for the logical drive. By default, the associated extension for the dataset is the last qualifier in the dataset name. You can globally override all datasets with a specific last qualifier to a specific workstation extension by using the configure global extension overrides item bar.

The only reasons to use this configure partitioned dataset item bar, would be if the dataset could be migrated or, if you wished to override the specific associated workstation extension for this partitioned dataset, without affecting the override for other partitioned datasets with the same last qualifier, as all of these entries are automatically added to the directory search function, then you may have additional datasets that do not match the search criteria appearing in the list.

Dataset Configuration Partitioned tab

Specify the name of the partitioned dataset.
Specify the extension that members of this dataset are to be associated with.

Any extensions specified here are automatically added to the configure controlled extensions list.