To view active resources

  1. Click the dropdown menu in the Resources group.
  2. Select Active.
    The following buttons are displayed:
    • DCT
    • FCT
    • ICE
    • JCT
    • Lock
    • PCT
    • PPT
    • TST
    • T-Type
    • SysC
    • URIMAP
    • TCPIPSv
  3. Click one of the buttons (except for Lock and ICE) to display a page that contains a table listing all the active resources of that type. The page is called rsc (active), where rsc is the type of resource, such as DCT. For example, if you click FCT, the FCT (active) page is displayed, which lists all the active FCTs.

    Each row of the table lists the name of a resource, and gives further information that depends on the type of resource. For example, the DCT (active) page lists the name of the DCT, its state, and the type of DCT; the PPT page gives the name of the PPT, the type of PPT, and the programming language specified for the PPT.

    Each row also contains a Details button. Click this to display the detailed information page for the resource.

    The TST page also provides a table of actual data queues, including those created for interval control element data records. You can delete data queues on the TST page.