Configuring AutoPass License Server for Custom Reports

If you already have an AutoPass License Server, it needs to be linked to a PostgreSQL 13.2 database. If it currently links to any other type of database, the required Custom Report option, within the USAGE & REPORT section, is not available.
Note: These instructions cover functionality within AutoPass License Server; always refer to the in-product APLS help by clicking The Help icon for the most comprehensive instructions.

To view which database a AutoPass License Server currently links to, point to The Configuration icon and select Database Configuration.

To set up or change the linked database:

  1. Click The Configuration icon.

    The SYSTEM configuration pane is displayed by default.

  2. On the Config pane, click DATABASE.

    The Database Connection Attributes are displayed.

  3. Complete the fields using the following table as a guide:
    Field Value
    DataBase Type PostgreSQL
    DataBase URL/DataBase Host Either the URL or host name of the PostgreSQL instance
    DataBase Port Port number of above instance
    DataBase Name Name of database that the data will be stored
    DataBase User User with sufficient permissions to write to the database
    DataBase Password Password for specified user
  4. Click Test Connection.

    If the connection is successful, a message is displayed.

  5. Click Save.
  6. Either restart the machine, or restart the AutoPass License Server service. The first time the server receives some license usage statistics from a Micro Focus product, the Custom Report option appears in the USAGE & REPORT section.