Working with Custom Reports

The Custom Report feature of the USAGE & REPORT section contains the group of reports that use the license usage data collected from your Micro Focus products.

These reports are only available to authorized users, and only if your AutoPass License Server is linked to a PostgreSQL 13.2 database.

The license usage statistics are grouped by Micro Focus product and version. Within each group there are a number of pre-defined reports that equate to each of the license types that are available from Micro Focus, and an additional report that captures all data. If these reports do not suit your needs, you can clone and edit them, or you can create new reports from scratch.

You can manipulate the results of these reports by applying filters, allowing you to focus on usage over a particular time scale, for a particular machine or user, etc... After which, you can export the generated report as a .csv file, or exported directly to Excel, where you can manipulate the data further.
Note: Exported date data is in epoch format, so you may need to convert it to a more readable date once in your spreadsheet.

For a more comprehensive description of creating and exporting reports, refer to the documentation available from the APLS, by clicking The Help icon.