Prerequisites for Integration with an AutoPass License Server

The following pre-requisites are required in order to configure your product to generate license usage statistics.

Micro Focus development and run-time products

Each product for which you are required to collect license usage statistics must be licensed with an AutoPass license. If your product is still using a SafeNet license, you must replace it. if you need to acquire AutoPass licenses, raise a support incident and contact your Micro Focus Account Manager to discuss your exact needs.

For environments that are not required to generate license usage statistics, you can continue to use your current SafeNet licenses.

AutoPass License Server

Important: The integration only pertains to the Custom Report functionality within AutoPass License Server; other features of the server are not yet supported when integrated with Micro Focus products.

Custom Report is the functionality that utilizes the license usage statistics. This is only supported in AutoPass License Server (APLS) version 12 or later. If the APLS is already established, the administrator of the server should supply you with the server details (host name and port), so that you can configure your .ini file; see Integrating with an AutoPass License Server.

If you are setting up a new APLS, you can download the product from It can run on Windows and Linux platforms.

APLS comes with full help for installation and setup, and is therefore not covered in this documentation.

Restriction: APLS does not support the use of Internet Explorer 11; use Microsoft Edge or an alternative browser in order to access the product.

An additional consideration is the choice of database with which to link to a supported server - see the next section.


APLS works with a number of database types, but currently PostgreSQL is the only database type compatible with the custom report functionality. It uses PostgreSQL to store the usage data uploaded from your Micro Focus products licensed with AutoPass.

Micro Focus recommends your APLS uses PostgreSQL 13.2, as this is the version tested against.