MVSP0027 Spool Housekeeping Process

When you start an enterprise server, a CICS transaction called JCL1 runs to delete old spool files. You can configure how often this happens and how long spool files are kept for.
Note: This process does not run automatically. You need to configure it using the PTLPI process. You also need to configure the CICS region to use spool housekeeping. SSTM is mandatory to enable support for the spool queue.

The housekeeping process involves the following programs: DFHZJCL1, DFHZJCL3, MVSP0027. The validation program described in the previous section starts the transaction JCL1, which runs the program DFHZJCL1. This program does the following:


The preferred way of running Spool Housekeeping is using JCL, as described in this help. The job can then be scheduled to reflect the realities of the customer's environment.

You can also run spool housekeeping using a CICS trancode. To do this:
  • Define the CICS trancode for JCL1 that points to program DFHZJCL1.
To set that this trancode runs automatically upon server startup, add the group that contains that trancode to the startup list.