Spool Housekeeping

There are two JCL utility programs available to perform spool housekeeping. Both perform similar functions, but are configured in different ways.

MVSP0027 is a JCL utility program that removes all spool files and job records for jobs that have exceeded the maximum retain period. For the remaining jobs, it removes the spool files with an Out Hold status, from the Complete queue.
To change any of the settings, such as the retention period, you must edit the copybook (spoolhk.cpy), and then recompile the program that uses it (DFHZJCL3).
MVSSPLHK is a JCL utility program that performs the same functions as MVSP0027, and also provides enhanced archiving facilities. This utility can be run directly from a JCL job, with the configuration settings held in a file or as in-stream data. This means that you do not need to recompile anything when you change any of the configuration settings.

Micro Focus also recommends that you enhance your spool housekeeping process, by adding the ability to merge the spool files into a central location once they have been archived. Once they are merged, you can easily browse the spool files using the Micro Focus Data File Editor.