MVSSPLHK Spool Housekeeping Process

This spool housekeeping process includes enhanced archiving facilities that MVSP0027 does not provide. It can also be run directly from a JCL job.

The parameters for this process are the same as for MVSP0027, but they are stored in a configuration file, which enables you to easily change the parameters from job to job without the need of recompiling anything. You can also specify the parameters within the JCL itself, enabling you to run your housekeeping with settings that override the defaults, at any time.

This process also supports both 5- and 7-digit job numbering. If you enable 7-digit job numbering (using the MF_MVSJOB environment variable), any existing spool archive history files (that is, data sets define by INDEXO DD) need to be converted to a new format; see Configuring the MVSSPLHK Housekeeping Process for details. If you only use 5-digit job numbering, you do not need to run the conversion.