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Use Plus to customize screens


The Plus feature requires archive files (.rdar) produced by Micro Focus Screen Designer version 9.5 or higher. The Screen Designer is available in Micro Focus Rumba Desktop 9.5. Reflection Desktop 16.1 includes a limited version of the Screen Designer. To get access to more controls and full use of Plus and the Screen Designer, you can purchase and install the Micro Focus Reflection Desktop Plus add-on.

  1. On the Customization panel, click Enable Plus.

  2. Select the Plus archive file you want to use from the drop-down list or upload a file from a different location. Plus archive files are identified by a rdar file extension.

    Archive files are the output of a Screen Designer project and are used to provide the custom control criteria.

    If you are updating the Plus archive (.rdar) file associated with your Plus enabled session, you must first delete the folder containing the old .rdar file from the session server. After you delete the folder, you can open your Plus enabled session and the new rdar file will be downloaded to the session server.

  3. Verify that the number of milliseconds for the host settle delay time is accurate. This is the time that the server waits for a synchronous connection before deciding that the host has finished sending data.

  4. When you return to your session, Plus is available. Click Plus on the toolbar to turn off the custom controls.

When you enable Plus for a session, all end users of that session see the Plus icon on the toolbar and any controls made available through the Screen Designer customization file.

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