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Providing Access to Host Sessions

Your end users access sessions either through a session server or through the Assigned Sessions list portal. With both options, once authenticated, your users are presented with a list of sessions that they can access and successfully launch.


Using a load balancer for high availability and scalability is highly recommended. See Planning for Deployment for more information.

Session Servers

Users most commonly access their sessions by going to the session servers, typically through a load balancer.

End user access on a session server is available at https://<sessionserver>:7443/

Assigned Sessions List

Using the Assigned Sessions list, users can launch all of their sessions from a consolidated HTML-based portal. After a user authenticates, they see their list of assigned sessions.

The Assigned Sessions list is available at https://<mssserver>/sessions/

See Configuring the Assigned Sessions list for information on how to configure the Assigned Sessions list.