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Authentication and Authorization

In HACloud, authentication and authorization are provided by the Host Access Management and Security Server (MSS) and are configured using the Administrative Console.

Authentication validates a user's identity based on some credentials, such as a username/password combination or a client certificate. Authorization is then used to determine which sessions each user can access.

HACloud supports the following authentication methods: None, LDAP, Single Sign-on through IIS, Windows Authentication via Kerberos, Windows Authentication via NTLMv2 (Deprecated), X.509 Client Certificates, SiteMinder, and SAML.

For general information on choosing and configuring authentication and authorization methods, see Authentication and Authorization in the MSS documentation.

The High Availability Deployment Blueprint contains additional important details concerning some authentication methods when deploying in an HA environment.


Some authentication methods require HACloud specific configuration. See the topics under this heading in the table of contents for more information.