Evaluating Host Access Management and Security Server

  Evaluating Host Access Management and Security Server
    Introduction: Features and Add-Ons
    Evaluation Scenario
      In this scenario
        Company requirements
        To meet these requirements
        Our assumptions
      Configuration Overview
      Expected User Experience
    Configuration Steps
      Set Up Single Sign-On and Centralized Management
        Step 1. Install the Host Access Management and Security Server evaluation software.
          Obtain and install an evaluation copy of Management and Security Server
          About the Administrative Console
        Step 2. Configure Management and Security Server for Windows Single Sign-On.
        Step 3. Install Reflection Desktop version 16.2 evaluation software.
        Step 4. Enable Centralized Management and set the Workspace view.
        Step 5. Install the customized companion package to the workstation.
      Create, Deploy, and Test a TLS 1.2 Session
        Step 6. Create a Windows-based 3270 session that uses TLS 1.2.
        Step 7. Deploy the session to the domain user’s workstation.
        Step 8. Test the deployment.
      Lock Down the Workstation and Test the User Experience
        Step 9. Update (modify) the security settings.
        Step 10. Upload and deploy the updated companion.msi.
        Step 11. Test the domain user’s updated configuration.
      The Results
    After You Finish the Evaluation Scenario
    Technical Resources
    Legal Notice