OES 2018 SP3: NLVM Reference

  OES 2018 SP3: NLVM Reference
    Overview of NLVM
    What’s New or Changed in Novell Linux Volume Manager
      What’s New or Changed (OES 2018 SP3)
      What’s New or Changed (OES 2018 SP2)
      What’s New or Changed (OES 2018 SP1)
      What’s New or Changed (OES 2018)
    Installing or Upgrading NLVM
    Using NLVM in a Virtualized Environment
    Planning for NLVM
      Root User
      Naming Conventions for Storage Objects
      NSS Pools on the System Device
      NSS Pools Created on NetWare Servers
      NSS Pools Created on Older Versions of OES Servers
      Linux LVM Volume Group
      Linux LVM Volume Group Cluster Resources
      Using NLVM with NSS Software RAIDs
      Using NLVM with Linux Software RAIDs
      Using iSCSI Devices with NSS Software RAID5
      Using Antivirus Software with NCP Volumes
    NLVM Commands
      Syntax Overview
      NLVM Options
      Common Options
      Complete Move
      Create Linux Volume
      Create Partition
      Create Pool
      Create RAID
      Create Snap
      Create Volume
      Delete Linux Volume
      Delete Move
      Delete Partition
      Delete Pool
      Delete RAID
      Delete RAID Segment
      Delete Snap
      Delete Volume
      Expand Partition
      Expand Pool
      Expand RAID
      Fstrim Pool
      Fstrim Status
      Init Device
      Linux Mount
      Linux Unmount
      List Device
      List Devices
      List Linux Volume
      List Linux Volumes
      List Move
      List Moves
      List Partition
      List Partitions
      List Pool
      List Pools
      List Snap
      List Snaps
      List Volume
      List Volumes
      Pause Move
      Pool Activate
      Pool Deactivate
      Rename Pool
      Rename RAID
      Rename Volume
      Resume Move
      Volume Mount
      Volume Unmount
    NLVM Examples for the NSS File System
      Creating an NSS Pool and Volume
      Mirroring a Pool Partition
      Recovering a Mirror where All Elements Report ‘Not in Sync’
      Logging Out of an iSCSI Device that Contains an NSS Pool
      Creating a Linux Volume on a Device that Contains a Novell Partition
    NLVM Examples for Clustering with OES Cluster Services
      Creating or Mirroring an SBD Partition
      Unmirroring a Mirrored SBD Partition with NLVM
      Deleting an SBD Partition with NLVM
    Troubleshooting NLVM
      Viewing Error Code Messages
      Failure to Create an LVM Volume Group
      Failure to Create a Clustered LVM Volume Group
      Device Is Not Available for Use in an LVM Volume Group
      NLVM Pool Move Fails and Deactivates the Pool
      Error 20897 - This node is not a cluster member
      NLVM Error Codes
      NSS Error Codes
    Security Considerations
      Root User Privileges
    Configuring Settings for the NLVM Library
    Legal Notices