4.0 Configuring PlateSpin Migrate Connector

An instance of the PlateSpin Migrate Connector is automatically installed on the PlateSpin Transformation Manager Appliance. This Connector instance is preconfigured to work with all projects. It supports discovery and migration for source workloads in the same network where you deploy the appliance. Table 4-1 provides information about configuring, deploying, and managing Migrate Connectors in your migration environment.

Table 4-1 Migrate Connector Configuration Checklist

Connector Configuration Tasks


Configure Migrate Connector global settings. In the Web Interface, select Configuration > Migrate Connector.

Migrate Connector settings in PTM apply to all Migrate Connectors associated with the PTM Server across all projects.

See Configuring Global Settings for PlateSpin Migrate Connector in the PTM 2 Administrator Guide.

(Optional) Configure the Connector instance to work with a specific project instead of with all projects.

After you create a project, you can use its Project ID to configure a Connector instance to work with a specific project.

See Configuring a Dedicated Project for a Connector in the PTM 2 Administrator Guide.

(Optional, recommended) Create a special-purpose user for Migrate Connector.

The default instance of Migrate Connector on the PTM Appliance uses the credentials of the PTM System Administrator user to perform actions. We recommend that you create a unique user identity for the Connector instance instead. Having a unique Connector user for each Migrate Connector helps you more easily distinguish actions performed by the Connector instance in logs and transformation histories.

See Creating a User for Connector Login in the PTM 2 Administrator Guide.

(PlateSpin Migration Factory) Add one or more PlateSpin Migrate servers as Migration Server resources and associate them with the Connector instance.

In a PlateSpin Migration Factory environment, a Connector instance is required for automating migrations or tracking migrations performed on your PlateSpin Migrate servers. Users with Project Manager or Project Architect permissions can assign a Connector by creating or editing a Migration Server resource.

See Connector in About Migration Server Resources in the PTM 2 User Guide.

Monitor Connector status.

See Monitoring Connectors in the PTM 2 Administrator Guide.

(Optional) Install additional instances of Migrate Connector on your Linux servers.

Migrate Connector instances are typically deployed in each source network and in target VMware networks if they are different than your source networks.

See Planning for PlateSpin Migrate Connector and Deploying PlateSpin Migrate Connector in the PTM 2 Administrator Guide.