Configuring Device Providers

To test your applications on mobile devices (physical devices, emulators and simulators), configure a device provider.

Before configuring specific device providers, ensure that the installation prerequisites are met:

To configure a device provider:

  1. In the menu, click Administration > Execution Environment.
  2. Click the Device Providers tab.
  3. Select the location for which you want to configure a device provider.
    • To create a new device provider, click New Device Provider.
    • To edit an existing device provider, click the respective Edit button in the Actions column.
    Note: The same device provider can be added to multiple locations.
  4. Select the Device Provider Type.
    • Silk Test Information Service: Enter the Silk Test Information Service URL of the computer that hosts the mobile devices. This can be an IP address, a URL, or a hostname, for example http://<computer name>:22901. If no port is specified, the default port 22901 is appended.
    • Sauce Labs: Enter your Sauce Labs user name and your Sauce Labs Access Key. To find your access key, login to and select My Account.
      Note: If you plan to use Sauce Labs devices for manual testing, a Silk Test Information Service must be selected from the list. If no Silk Test Information Service is selected, Sauce Labs devices will only be available for automated testing.
    • Mobile Center: Enter your Mobile Center URL and your User name and Password for automated testing. For manual testing, you will have to enter the credentials when the Mobile Center web UI opens.
  5. In the Name field, enter a speaking name for the device provider.
  6. Click Test Connection. If the test connection was successful, click OK.