Execution Planning

The Execution Planning area enables you to maintain control over test executions during development and testing. This includes activities like configuring execution plans, scheduling execution plans, assigning tests to execution plans, setting up execution plan dependencies, configuring execution-server deployment, and configuring dynamic hardware-provisioning with keywords.

An execution plan is a collection of assigned tests that are stored in a single test container. An execution plan can be run at configurable schedules and deployed on specified execution servers.

Configuration testing is the process of testing a system with each of the supported software and hardware configurations. You can create configuration suites with a set of assigned tests, and all execution plans that you add to the configuration suite will also have the set of tests assigned.

A testing cycle is a defined period in time consisting of a start date, an end date, and a list of manual testers. Create testing cycles to plan and execute specific sets of manual tests.

Use folders to structure your execution plans, configuration suites, and testing cycles. You can also nest folders within folders.