Atlassian JIRA

This section describes how to configure Atlassian JIRA (JIRA) issue tracking profiles to integrate with Silk Central.

The JIRA plug-in relies on the Silk Central Java API for integration, using JIRA's REST API.

Versions that are currently supported for integration with Silk Central: Atlassian JIRA 6, 7, 8

If you assign an external JIRA issue to a test, you can enter the issue ID either with or without the project key. For example: PROJECT-13 or just 13.

Silk Central supports the following JIRA field types:
  • Text Field (< 255 characters) / Free Text Field (unlimited text)
  • Select List (single choice) / Select List (multiple choices)
  • Date Picker / Date Time Picker
    Note: These types are provided as text fields and need to be formatted like in JIRA: Date Picker: dd/MMM/yy (for example 24/Mar/16), Date Time Picker: dd/MMM/yy h:mm a (for example 24/Mar/16 4:11 AM)
  • Group Picker (single group) / Group Picker (multiple groups)
  • Project Picker (single project)
  • User Picker (single user) / User Picker (multiple users)
    Note: For JIRA version 5 and lower, users which are only part of the default jira-users group are not displayed.
  • Version Picker (single version) / Version Picker (multiple versions)
Other JIRA field types are rendered as single-line text fields in Silk Central.

The following JIRA system fields are not supported: Attachment