type ... is set declaration


Declares a set data type. Data type declarations must appear outside of any function.


[scope] type set-name is set 
Variable Description
scope Optional: Either public (the default) or private. Private declarations are available only in the file in which they occur. Public declarations can be accessed from other files via a use statement.
set-name An identifier that names the set type being declared.
set-value-list All the possible values that can make up a set object. See the example and notes below.


  • A SET data type is an enumeration of all the values that can be held in a variable of type SET. Thus variables of type COLORS, the SET data type declared in the example below, can hold any of six values plus other variables of type COLORS. The word "SET" is a generic name for all the data types you declare with the type...is set declaration. A SET variable never holds duplicate values. A LIST variable can be converted to and from a SET variable; please see Type cast operator for more information.

  • The SET data type is case sensitive; that is, "red" and "RED" are distinct and can both be valid members of a single set.


[-] type COLORS is set
	[ ] Red 
	[ ] Blue 
	[ ] Yellow 
	[ ] Green 
	[ ] Purple 
	[ ] Orange