Register the Proxy Library

Restriction: This topic applies only when the Enterprise Server feature is enabled.

Depending on your Windows operating system version, you might be required to register the Proxy Library after generating a client for the first time. If a message appears in the Output window indicating that registration is necessary, follow these steps:

  1. Start a Visual COBOL command prompt as an administrator. To do this, click Start > All Programs > Micro Focus Visual COBOL> Tools; then right-click Visual COBOL command prompt (32-bit) and select Run as Administrator from the context menu.
  2. Change to the MakeCheckApptWPFApp project's bin\release directory.
  3. Enter regsvr32 MakeCheckApptProxyWrapper.dll.
  4. Click OK to clear the RegSvr32 message.
Note: The full path to and name of the proxy library .dll file appears in the Output window during client generation. For example:

Register proxy library MakeCheckApptProxyWrapper.dll in "c:\myProjects\IMTKTutorials\MakeCheckApptWPFApp\Bin\Release".