Creating and Setting up Access to a Database

  1. Install the Micro Focus XDBC software.
  2. Edit a configuration file, either by hand or with mfgenconf.

    For information about mfgenconf, see the section Local Configuration in the chapter Configuration.

  3. Create a database:
    • For the demo, use mfdemo.bat located in the %GENESIS_HOME%/bin directory
    • For an empty database:
      1. Use the script mfinit.bat .
      2. Run the executable mfdbcutil:
        mfdbcutil -c -pa -d %GENESIS_HOME%\mfsyscat
  4. Create users.
  5. Load the system catalog with information from your XFDs.
  6. Set permissions.
  7. Set up a Data Source Name (DSN) for your COBOL data.

    This step is not required if you plan to use a query tool to issue SQL queries and don't require ODBC integration.