Press Release | Nov 6, 2020

Micro Focus’ NetIQ Risk Services 2.0 Leverages Unsupervised Machine Learning to Deliver True Continuous Authentication and Authorization

Latest Update Significantly Improves Adaptive Access Management Providing Higher Levels of Intelligence for the Enterprise  

SANTA CLARA, CA – November 6, 2020 – Micro Focus (LSE: MCRO; NYSE: MFGP) today announced the release of NetIQ Risk Service 2.0, the comprehensive authentication and secure access solution for organizations in need of a higher level of risk intelligence for their access control implementations. Powered by Micro Focus Interset, the NetIQ Risk Service 2.0 provides a constant analysis of behavior that more effectively assesses when secured resources need a higher level of protection. This advanced approach to measuring risk is an essential ingredient to continuous authentication and authorization. Using unsupervised machine learning to establish indicative behavioral norms, the Risk Service identifies when meaningful deviations from established baselines occur, providing continual awareness of changing risk and knowing when to initiate stronger authentication methods, restrict or terminate a session, or a combination of both.

“Essentially organizations can now use the recognition of ongoing behavior as a factor in determining the risk of an authentication or authorization decision,” said Nick Nikols, Vice President of Strategy at Micro Focus. “This will allow for the prompting of additional authentication factors or limiting the extent of access if the risk becomes too high. The Risk Service’s turnkey integration with behavioral analytics does not require human training and can instantly be plugged into existing security infrastructure, minimizing resource drain and ultimately strengthening the enterprises’ cybersecurity resilience.”  

Key enhancements and capabilities of the Micro Focus NetIQ Risk Service:

  • Out of the box integration with Micro Focus Interset’s cloud-based machine learning technology
  • Specialized access behavioral models that leverage more than 450 built-in unsupervised machine learning algorithms that automatically profile and measure risk.
  • Packaging as Docker containers which offers platform portability as well as Kubernetes manageability
  • Designed to complement often used prescriptive risk-based policies

Micro Focus provides intelligent solutions to create cyber resilience through detecting threats, securing data and applications, and protecting identities—enabling organizations to adapt and evolve for the future. As digital transformation continues to drive strategic business change, Micro Focus NetIQ Risk Service enables organizations to intelligently adapt to current and future threats, and is just one of the ways Micro Focus helps customers run, secure and transform their business.

More Information 
Micro Focus NetIQ Risk Services Solution is available today to customers worldwide for trial or purchase.

It is licensed per managed identity using the solution. Both new and existing customers can realize tremendous value when leveraging this new solution in conjunction with other Micro Focus Security solutions.

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