Backup Navigator

Monitoring and Analytics

 Advanced analytics and reporting for Data Protector environments.

Monitoring and Analytics
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Intelligent dashboards

Customizable and interactive dashboard and reports provide insights into 75+ key performance indicators related to backup and recovery operations.

Storage time
Real-time predictive analytics

Visual insight into the backup and recovery process based on daily use, along with trending and forecasting algorithms reveal future performance and capacity.

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Collaboration and cross-system support

Report creation can be automated, scheduled, and shared with stakeholders within the organization, or securely isolated and made available to external customers.

Block based replication
Rapid root-cause analysis and problem solving

Potential resource conflicts and systematic or systemic issues can be proactively detected and addressed before they cascade into outages and data loss that negatively impact business operations.

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"What-if" scenario evaluation

Intelligent insights into current backup and recovery operations before new datasets are included in the process can identify whether or not service-level agreements would remain achievable.

Multi-cell and multi-tenant environments

For service providers or large, geographically dispersed organizations that require multi-tenant support, Backup Navigator can generate specific reports and provide a separate auditing report that includes charge-back information.

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    Backup Navigator is an interactive dashboard that provides backup and recovery monitoring and reporting of the Data Protector environment. This trial requires Data Protector to use and offers 60 days of functionality.
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