Connected MX


Unified backup, file sync, and file sharing
Unified backup, file sync, and file sharing

Unifies backup, sync, and sharing capabilities in a single platform, delivering complete protection of mobile information while improving mobile workforce productivity:

  • A single Micro Focus Connected MX agent delivers WAN-optimized backup and file synchronization capabilities to enhance efficiency over the most bandwidth-constrained networks. Patented SendOnce technology from Micro Focus performs block-level deduplication within the agent, and data reduction occurs prior to network transmission.
  • Micro Focus Connected MX leverages a FIPS-compliant AES 256-bit encryption algorithm within a multikey security implementation to offer maximum security to customer data. The Micro Focus Connected MX agent encrypts the data prior to network transmission.
  • Micro Focus Connected MX implements a continuous data protection strategy enabling information to be protected almost immediately upon file creation or modification.
Policy-based information management
Policy-based information management

Delivers information control and management through policy “drift” compliance, policy-based protection, rule-based file sharing, and information access scoping policies:

  • Micro Focus Connected MX employs an information-based policy engine. It controls more corporate data at a granular level than file types and folder paths. This enables organizations to deliver the appropriate information, which is protected and accessible by users and administrators.
  • Personally identifiable information (PII) sharing policies, powered by Micro Focus, can be deployed to identify and audit sharing activity that involves privacy-related information. Policy options support advising users of the presence of PII and when sharing a file that includes PII, an action is triggered according to the policy defined by IT.
  • Backup policies enable administrators to govern the backup scope, helping remove the need for user involvement and data loss due to user error or omission.
  • Additional policy options enable control over which information to sync, gives upload, download, or view control by access channel, and enables data transmission over metered (3G or 4G) connections.
Information visibility and accessibility
Information visibility and accessibility

Enables information accessibility on any device by authorized users with support for Windows®, Apple, Android, iOS, and Web browsers:

  • Micro Focus Connected MX implements metadata-based search to enable users and administrators to find critical information fast.
  • User’s search offers a single view of all of a user’s information regardless of the originating device. Responsive information to search criteria can immediately be viewed in place, downloaded, restored, or shared.
  • Using metadata search criteria, authorized administrators can search for all information of users within their administrative realm. Administrators can quickly identify information responsive to business, compliance, and eDiscovery requirements without having to restore user backups.
  • File viewing, powered by Micro Focus KeyView, enables information to be viewed from any user’s device without requiring files to be downloaded to the device. The Micro Focus KeyView capability helps eliminate the need to deploy and use native file viewers on mobile phones and tablets.
Information security
Information security

Delivers secure mobile information protection and access through encryption, granular data privileges, and federated authentication:

  • Role-based access control within Micro Focus Connected MX enables administrators to be assigned the lowest level of privilege required to perform their assigned tasks.
  • Granular audit trails enable customers to log and report administrative activity, as well as information activity, such as sharing and information flow within and external to the customer or organization.
  • Micro Focus Connected MX enables customers to leverage their own secure source of identity for authentication. Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML 2.0)/OAuth support enables integration with a customer-federated authentication strategy to improve security and manageability.
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