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Endpoint backup and ransomware protection.


Connected is a secure cloud service endpoint protection solution to mitigate data loss. It integrates policy-based endpoint protection with rule-based file synchronization for sharing assets.

Self-Service Recovery

Continuous data protection.

Connected cloud backup service provides continuous data protection through backups, and allows users to explore files and find the data they need to recover.

Self-Service Recovery
Reduce administrative burden through self-service data recovery.
Self-Service Recovery
Continuous backup based on events that occur during the day.

Self-Service Recovery

Flexible Deployment

Choose your deployment.

Choose from AWS-hosted cloud service (Connected) or on-premises installation (Connected Backup) to meet the needs of your organization.

Ensure control over your organization’s data.
Meet regulatory and administrative concerns.

Flexible Deployment

Centralized Control

Find and access relevant data.

Connected analytics enable users to quickly search for and find data, including a file preview feature through KeyView.

Easily find the data and information you need.
View backed up data without the need to restore files.

Data Visibility and Access

Additional Features

Certified Encryption

Maximum data protection using AES 256-bit encryption using multiple keys.

Policy-Based Control

Enable policies to govern which files to back up and retain, and who can access and consume them.

Web Interface

Our web interface simplifies and streamlines administrative requirements.

Customer Success

Our customers do more.


Frequently Asked Questions

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