Application Security

Fortify secures applications with actionable results and integrates seamlessly with your development, test and build tools.

Application Security with Fortify – Integrate into the SDLC

Fortify offers end-to-end application security solutions with the flexibility of testing on-premises and on-demand to cover the entire software development lifecycle. Complete software security assurance with Fortify on Demand – our application security as a service – integrates static, dynamic and mobile AppSec testing with continuous monitoring for web apps in production.

Gartner 2019 Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing

Micro Focus maintains a leader position in the Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing for the Fortify offering based on completeness of vision and ability to execute.

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The Fortify ecosystem

Application security solutions need to be naturally integrated into the SDLC workflow. The Fortify suite uses open APIs to embed application security testing into all stages of the development tool chain; development, deployment, and production.

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  • Fast & Actionable

    Find vulnerabilities directly in your IDE with real-time, as you code feedback and security analysis, preventing costly security mistakes with Fortify's Security Assistant. By providing structural and configuration analyzers that are purpose built for speed and efficiency, developers can get scan results within minutes.

    Integrated & Automated

    With a robust ecosystem that allows you to leverage your current CI/CD and build tools, Fortify makes it easy for developers to use. Our software and integrations reduce friction by embedding security into your current processes with the combination of swagger supported rest APIs, open source GitHub repo, plugins and extensions.

    Easy to Use

    Focus on the issues that matter with a 100% true positive rating and a 95% reduction in false positives, you can. Understand your scan results easier with clear explanations of each vulnerability, technical details, remediation guidance, along with gamified training through our Secure Code Warrior integration.

  • Automated & Actionable

    Applied machine learning saves time by identifying the issues most relevant to your organization. This minimizes auditor workload and helps prioritize issues with a confidence level. This creates accurate and consistent audit results throughout projects.

    Integrated with Existing Tools & Processes

    CI/CD integration makes security scans a part of the build/release process, which enables full automation and workflow support. Defect management integrations provide transparent remediation for security issues. Fortify integrates with bug trackers like Bugzilla, JIRA, and ALM Octane

    Easy to Start and Scalable

    Start your application security program with a single offering and expand as needed with a single reliable partner. Scales to serve enterprises with thousands of apps or tens of thousands of developers. Choose on-premise, as a service or hybrid.

Developers guide to OWASP

This guide provides an overview of each 2017 OWASP Top 10 application security risk and practical tips for writing secure code. It also provides sample code snippets and easy-to-follow remediation guidance to help you improve the security of your applications.

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Develop with Security in Mind

Ensure detection and remediation of security issues as early as possible, while developers write code. Static Code Analyzer (SCA, on premise) and Fortify on Demand bring continuous security testing and feedback directly to the developer desktop.

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Continuously Test Application Security

Make automation of static and dynamic application security testing a natural part of the workflow with SCA and WebInspect. Software Security Center and Fortify on Demand provide enterprise-scale security management capabilities from one interface.

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Jumpstart, Automate and Scale

Jumpstart your application security program in a day with Fortify on Demand, scale to run 1000s of automated static and dynamic scans per day by leveraging on-premise, on demand or hybrid deployment capabilities.

Continuous delivery of business value with Fortify

See how development organizations at leading companies are using software security solutions from Fortify to scan more applications faster, focus and streamline remediation efforts with better triaging, and integrate security assurance methods throughout the software development environment.

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Continuous delivery of business value with Fortify
How do your application security efforts fare?
How do your application security efforts fare?

Your company may be new to application security, or mature in various security efforts. But can you do more? Take this comprehensive assessment to evaluate where you stand.

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Seamless application security, built-in to your DevOps

Developing secure applications at DevOps speed across the enterprise requires that security testing be integrated seamlessly in the development process.

SAP transforms applications

Fortify empowers development teams to find vulnerabilities early in the software development lifecycle and avoid costly remediation. SAP has used SCA and WebInspect to analyze billions of lines of code and scan applications written in many different languages.

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Fortify lets you trust the security of your software

Fortify offers end-to-end application security solutions with the flexibility of testing on-premise and on-demand to cover the entire software development lifecycle.

Application Security Risk Report 2019

Fortify’s Software Security Research team found that 3 out of 5 apps had critical or high vulnerabilities not covered by the OWASP Top 10 2017.

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Application Security Risk Report 2019
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