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IT and Climate Change

Drive Sustainable Value
with Technology

Information and communication technology (ICT) solutions can help shape a more sustainable future by reducing energy consumption and mitigating climate change.

4 Ways to Realize Sustainable
Business Value

1. Move

to public clouds that use renewable energy and optimize resources.

2. Improve

operational efficiencies to reduce energy consumption.

3. Streamline

equipment usage through management, computing, and storage efficiencies.

4. Prolong

software lifecycles and improve production and recycling processes.

IT and Climate

Read our new white paper, "IT and Climate Change: How Micro Focus Solutions Support Carbon-Friendly ICT Strategies " to see how IT can contribute to reducing an organization’s carbon footprint.


Sustainability and Digital

Watch Sarah Atkinson, Director of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) talk to technology experts about how business can lead the way in sustainability while building reputation and competitive advantage.


“At Micro Focus, we aim to make sustainable and responsible business part of the way we operate. We help our customers address their carbon footprint and adopt carbon-friendly IT strategies, just like we’re doing for ourselves.”

Sarah Atkinson

Sarah Atkinson
Director of Environmental, Social and
Governance (ESG) at Micro Focus.

Helping Customers Drive Sustainable Value

IT and Climate Change

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