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Flexible, Reliable Logging for CORBA Systems

A leading implementation of the OMG CORBA Log Service specification.


The OpenFusion Log Service is the premier implementation of the OMG specification for logging in a CORBA system. Based on the OpenFusion Notification Service, it’s highly reliable and extremely flexible.

Because a log object is also a Notification Service event channel, log records can be filtered before they are forwarded to log consumers. This mechanism allows the application generated log messages to be content-routed to consumers.

The OpenFusion Log Service also supports X.735, which is a CCITT recommendation for a log control function. It includes a number of important extensions, providing extra levels of performance and interoperation with other systems, such as a structured log that dramatically improves log store query times.

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  • Persistent log records
  • Data dissemination through log forwarding
  • Log record filtering
  • Support for QoS associated with the Notification Service
  • Plug-and-play architecture
OpenFusion Log Service

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