World Quality Report 2021-22

Current trends in quality assurance and testing


The World Quality Report is a one-of-a-kind annual global study highlighting today’s quality assurance (QA) and testing trends, with recommendations for overcoming tomorrow’s challenges. Capgemini, in partnership with Micro Focus, analyzed responses from over 1,750 executives and professionals – from the C suite to QA testing managers and quality engineers – across 32 countries and 10 industry sectors, to see how they answer increasingly high demands on QA.

This year’s report highlights rising priorities, such as the customer experience, QA adopting Agile and DevOps practices, the effect of evolving pandemic-impacted requirements for applications across new deployment methods, and the continued growth of AI in continuous testing and quality management tools.

Download the report now, for all the details and plenty of practical advice.

World Quality Report 2021 to 22
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