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Host Connectivity

It’s not about terminal emulation anymore.


Host applications continue to be the transactional backbone of many organizations. Now with digital transformation they need to play a larger role through automation and integration. Within a hybrid IT landscape that includes cloud, mobility, and new digital platforms for digital commerce and engagement.


I need to …

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Boost user productivity

Learn how to modernize host applications to look and feel like more modern apps, so that users can be more productive and deliver better quality services.

Strengthen mainframe application access and data security

Learn how to implement identity-powered multi-factor authentication, data encryption, and privacy to take back control of terminal access to applications and data.

Create new value out of my current application investments

Learn how to build cloud-based apps with legacy data and logic, and transform heritage services into new workflow processes.

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Provide new users with secure web access to host applications

Learn how to quickly deploy host access while simplifying host access management and introducing new levels of identity-powered access control.

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I need to provide mobile workers with host access through their smart devices

Learn how to provide seamless and secure anytime access to IBM mainframes, AS/400s (IBM System i), and UNIX/Linux systems from iOS smart devices.

I need to simplify access to Unisys DMS II data to enable better decision making and analytics

Learn how to easily extract, transform and integrate MCP host data with analytics applications across Microsoft and Oracle platforms.

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