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Real-time ORB and CORBA services for C++.
OpenText™ VisiBroker-RT is a premier CORBA solution for real-time distributed embedded environments. It provides a compact, efficient C++ toolkit that accelerates development and deployment of real-time distributed embedded applications.

CORBA Compliance

CORBA 3 standards compliant.

A complete Portable Object Adapter (POA) implementation maximizes portability and optimizes performance and memory utilization.

CORBA 3 standards compliant.
Maximized source code portability and runtime interoperability.
CORBA 3 standards compliant.
Supports both full CORBA and CORBA/e Compact profile.

CORBA Compliance

RTOS Integration

Use real-time OS features.

VisiBroker-RT leverages native, real-time OS features to maximize determinism and performance, with minimum footprint.

Make efficient use of available CPU cores.
Build for execution in kernel mode or user mode.

RTOS Integration

RT-CORBA Extensions

Control CPU usage in real time.

VisiBroker-RT supports Threadpools, platform-independent CORBA Priority with native priority mapping, RT-CORBA Mutex, and priority inheritance protocol.

Server-side processing of CORBA requests scheduled according to priority.
Most important tasks always allocated CPU time first.

RT-CORBA Extensions

Additional Features

Smart Agent Service Discovery

Dynamic, distributed directory service offers simple object lookup facility.

Extensive Development Environment

Leverage administration and development tools, C++ headers, and CPU-specific ORB libraries.

Wide CORBA Interoperability

Integrate embedded targets into broader heterogenous CORBA applications.


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