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Interset augments human intelligence with machine intelligence to strengthen your cyber resilience. Applying advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and data science expertise to your security solutions, Interset solves the problems that matter most.

Discover unknown threats in your SOC

The best security operations posture comes from a strong human-machine team that leverages the strengths of each: faster-than-human analysis by machines to identify leads for investigation, and the contextual understanding of SOC analysts and threat hunters. Interset empowers your team to preemptively detect new and unknown threats with contextual threat insights that minimize false positives, prioritize threat leads, and boost efficiency with an intuitive UI.

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Enable smarter authentication and access

Today, the best way to identify and protect against account-based attacks is to leverage the unique behavior of legitimate users. You can intelligently adapt your authentication and access experience with automated, data-driven behavioral risk assessments so the right people get the right access at the right time.

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Sharpen vulnerability discovery in your applications

Eliminate vulnerabilities and build secure software with intelligent application security. Empower your team with an automated, end-to-end application security solution that distinguishes true vulnerabilities from the noise.

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Elevate the security of your critical data

Ensure compliance and reduce risk in your organizational data with automatic encryption and risk-based results. Data Security ensures usability and utility to secure what matters most with intelligent encryption.

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Our guiding principles

Ready to adopt advanced analytics and AI security solutions into your enterprise? See how we apply analytics and AI to solve what matters most to you.

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