Enterprise file sharing requires a high level of security and accountability, thorough controls, and other features that empower IT to protect the enterprise’s interests. Filr provides a different approach to enterprise protection, one that offers true enterprise file sharing, real-time collaborative co-editing, and secure mobile access.

1. Data leak prevention. We understand that your business revolves around your data. That’s why Filr Advanced Edition helps you mitigate risk and prevent data loss. Filr Advanced gives you fine-grained control, ensuring that sensitive data is not shared outside your organization. Also included is protection from ransomware attacks and unauthorized file modification.

2. Mail attachment management. Cut down the data and storage load on your network and Mail servers while enabling users to continue sending attachments. With the Filr Advanced Edition, users upload email attachments to Filr instead of to the Mail server (Exchange or GroupWise), so they can easily and securely send very large files as Filr attachments.

3. Secure online collaborative editing. Filr Advanced allows users to edit files online simultaneously and collaboratively and see each other’s changes in real time. Administrators get total control to restrict copy/paste, watermark content with user’s email addresses, and keep users from downloading sensitive data from the Filr repository while still allowing them to access and edit.

4. Multi-factor authentication. In today's world access to information needs protection from internal and external attacks. Multi-factor authentication in Filr advanced lets you enforce additional authentication factors to protect files.

5. Ransomware Protection. Prevent and protect against ransomware attacks by allowing only known file formats to be added. Also, revert to a previous copy of any affected file (personal storage only).

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Software and License 24.2
2.2 GB
Mar 1, 2024
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Product compatibility
Version 5.0
Version 23.2 · 23.4 · 23.3.1
Version 24.1
Release notes

Filr Advanced

Filr software is available over the SLD and follow the steps to apply this promotional license:

  1. Download the NF-Filr_5.0-PowerAdv-Promo-001.xml to your workstation
  2. Navigate to the path: https://appliance_ip_or_dns:9443 Configuration icon > License on your favorite web browser
  3. Click Choose File
  4. Browse to and select the downloaded license file
  5. Click Open
  6. Click Reconfigure Filr Server in the Configuration column
IMPORTANT:If you have an expandable deployment, you must update the license on each Filr appliance in the cluster. PostgreSQL and Filrsearch appliances do not require licenses.

Content Editor

1. Download the ContentEditor-Appliance.x86_64-VMware.ova to your workstation

2. Follow the instructions to install and configure Content Editor

Advacend Authentication (MFA)

Advacned Authentication software and license files are available over the SLD portal.



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