useMango™ Test Factory is a fixed price outcome-based solution, for functional testing, performance engineering, and infrastructure testing. The solution is delivered as an outcomes-based SaaS model, to allow you to focus on satisfying your customers.  useMango™ Test Factory, is a pre-built centre of excellence, that offers: 

  • Industrialised test solutions, from global centres, delivering the right testing solution at the right price
  • Best-of-breed processes, based on ISO21119 and TMMi standards
  • Extensive standardisation and automation, delivering lower cost 
  • Reduced time-to-market with increased software quality;
  • An outcome based pricing model 
  • Continuous innovation for packaged applications testing
  • Enterprise scalability in the Cloud,
  • Top-level processes using our Infuse Service Delivery Methodology (ISDM) 
  • Extensive test automation, enabled by useMango™, HPE and Oracle   

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useMango Test Factory powered by HPE 4.1
Mar 17, 2017
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Product compatibility
Version 11.0 · 11.51 · 11.52 · 11.50 · 11.53 · 11.52.2
Version 12.0 · 12.1 · 12.2 · 12.5 · 12.20 · 12.50 · 12.21 · 12.53
Version 14.00
Version 15.00.0 · 15.01.0 · 15.50 · 15.51
Version 16.0 · 16.01
Version 17.0.0 · 17.01
Version 24.1
Version 12.0 · 12.1 · 12.52 · 12.53 · 12.54
Version 11.5 · 11.51 · 11.52 · 11.53
Version 14.00 · 14.1 · 14.02 · 14.03 · 14.50 · 14.51 · 14.52 · 14.53
Version 15.0 · 15.01 · 15.02
Version 2021.0 · 2021.1
Version 2022.0
Version 2023.0
Version 12.53.16 · 12.53.17 · 12.55.4 · 12.55.5 · 12.55.6 · 12.55.7 · 12.55.8 · 12.55.9 · 12.55.10 · 12.55.11 · 12.55.12 · 12.55.13 · 12.55.25 · 12.60.4 · 12.60.3 · 12.60.35 · 12.60.47 · 12.60.60
Version 15.0.20 · 15.0.40 · 15.0.60 · 15.1.20 · 15.1.40 · 15.1.60
Version 16.0.100 · 16.0.200 · 16.0.300 · 16.0.400 · 16.1.100 · 16.1.200 · 16.2.100
Version 24.1
Release notes

Changes in this release

• Introducing useMango™ server with open REST API.

• Improved performance in test designer, component- and test library.

• Improved performance of getting component usages.

• Improved web automation framework & driver.

• Real time synchronization of test and component changes.

• It is now possible to copy the step run report from test designer.

• You can now debug your components in VBScript in Windows Script Debugger or in UFT by selecting the debug checkbox in test designer.

• Improved test data usage tooltips

• Report improvements

o Screenshots on steps in diagnostics view

o Can open screenshots in new window

o Logging of output parameters

• Improved background licence control, allowing faster start-up time.

• In test designer parameters are now searchable in test steps and appear in an ordered list.

• useMango™ no longer relies on synchronizing tests directly to HP ALM meaning TDConnect no longer needs to be installed.

• useMango™ framework installation decoupled from application installer.

Release notes V4.1

Changes in this release

• Data values used in tests can now be entered directly into test steps without the need first to create a variable to hold the value.

• The distinction between input variables and transfer variables has been removed. There are now simply variables that can be assigned values in the test design or can be given values during execution of the test.

• There are new features to export and import all test data for a whole project, using CSV as the data format. These features allow users to review and edit the data used by tests efficiently in bulk, by using a tool such as Microsoft Excel. Project data features are accessible through the Project Settings tab in the Projects tab when a Project is open.

• Test steps can now be given a descriptive name. When editing a test, select a step and click on its name to type a new descriptive name for that specific step.

• Results when searching or filtering for tests or components in Component Library and Test Library are now processed and displayed much more quickly.

• The script editing capability for custom components has been significantly revised. Instead of editing scripts directly, useMango delgates script editing to dedicated third-party script editing tools such as Visual Studio Code, Sublime or Atom. Using this revised capability, editing of referenced function libraries is now also supported whilst a component script is being edited.

• Custom component parameter definitions are now created and managed explicitly in the Component Library tab of useMango, rather then being interpreted from the component script.

• There is a new capability to define and manage resource groups which define which function libraries are referenced by each component.

• Shipping versions of the Selenium web drivers for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer have been updated so that tests can be run on newer versions of these browsers.

• The web components and web-related function libraries have been substantially re-written to improve performance of execution and to simplify the useMango object finding and wrapping code. Direct script access to underlying WebDriver objects is now promoted.

• There are new components for starting up and shutting down the Oracle E-Business Forms application. It's now important to use SelectOracleWebMenu and WaitForOracleStartup when launching the Forms application. When shutting down the Oracle Forms application, two new components (ExitOracleApplication and CloseBrowser) are now used in place of the former ExitOracleApplicationAndShutdowncomponent.

• Mango Motor's Ruby execution capability has been re-designed for better performance.

• Control over Windows processes started by tests during execution is now improved. Processes are now correctly cleaned up at the end of a test execution in a wider range of circumstances.

• The scanner for web pages has been re-designed for performance, customizability and multiple browser support. It's now possible to scan pages in any of the browsers used for executing tests. The scanning logic is now script based and therefore more easily accessible for customization to meet specific user requirements.

• Direct support for back-up of projects is now provided on the useMango Server.

• useMango Server has new features for viewing, creating and maintaining projects by users, in addition to using the API.

 Fixes in this release

• #1523. Intermittently two Chrome browsers are opened.

• #1522. Intermittently IEDriverServer instances are left running after closing useMango™.

• #1544: When tests are loaded, if there are a lot of tests in the project, an invalid [showing 0 of 0 tests] may be displayed.



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