This course will teach students how to install and configure NetIQ Operations Center. The course will present the material in an implementation order framework to enable students to understand how to approach a very complicated product implementation project. This course is needed to train partners, customers, SEs and professional services staff in the product.

Audience Summary:

This course is designed for consultants, implementers and administrators who will be working with NetIQ Operations Center.

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Suggested courses are based on product compatibility, popularity, and newness.


OPSC250 5.7
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Course outline

Course Outline:

1 - Introduction

  • What is Operations Center?
  • What does it do?
  • An example
  • Solution capabilities
  • Solution Business Benefits

2 - Product Overview

  • Introduction
  • Functionality
  • Products
  • Architecture
  • Managing Security

3 - Implementation Project

  • Lessons from the field
  • Methodology
  • Objectives
  • Principles
  • Ten Key Rules

4 - Server Installation and Configuration

  • Requirements
  • Installation
  • Lab 1: Install and Patch Operations Center
  • Configuration Manager
  • Configuration

5 - The Console

  • Introduction
  • Root elements
  • Views
  • View Builder

6 - Adapters

  • Introduction
  • Connecting to Management Systems
  • The Hierarchy File
  • Creating Adapters
  • Adapters Overview
  • Adapter Types

7 - Service Models

  • Introduction
  • Business Service Views
  • Methods of Creating Service Models
  • Methods of Populating Service Models
  • Define Algorithms to Calculate Element States
  • Layout Styles

8 - Service Configuration Manager

  • Introduction
  • What is Service Configuration Management?
  • Understanding Service Configuration Manager
  • Creating Definitions

9 - Metamodel

  • Classes, Behavior Models and Property Pages
  • Adding Custom Properties to Services Elements
  • Element Relationships

10 - NOC Script Basics

  • Introduction
  • Script Library
  • Script Debugger
  • Scripting Conventions
  • Script Object Model
  • Element Functions
  • Alarm Functions
  • Command Line Scripting

11 - Algorithms

  • Introduction
  • Define Algorithms
  • The XML Editor
  • Base Practices

12 - Layout Views

  • Introduction
  • Understanding Layout Views
  • Navigating in the Layout View
  • Creating Custom Drawing
  • Drawing Tools and Concepts
  • Drawing Templates

13 - Monitoring

  • Introduction
  • Elements
  • Alarms
  • Customizing Monitored Elements and Alarms
  • Capturing Alarm and Performance History
  • Define and Manage Automation Events

14 - Security Management

  • Security Mechanisms Overview
  • Data Storage Security
  • User Identification and Authorization
  • Access Control
  • Communications Security
  • Auditing

15 - Dashboard

  • Introduction
  • Installation and Configuration
  • User Accounts
  • Communities and Pages
  • Portlets
  • NetIQ Operations Center Portlets
  • Operations Center Portlets

16 - Service Level Agreements (Optional)

  • Introduction
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Integrating SLA Data
  • Defining SLAs
  • Defining Objectives
  • Monitoring SLAs
  • SLA Reporting


There are no prerequisites for this course.


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