AlertOps is an industry-leading Incident Response Automation and Alert Management Platform. A SaaS-based software solution, collaboration and automation hub that enables an organization to dramatically improve the issue notification, escalation, and time to resolution process. As incidents occur that impact business-critical processes and revenue streams, the platform alerts the right people at the right time and with the right data to enable rapid incident resolution.

Target Market

IT Operations, Help Desk, NOCs and DevOps teams across all industries and sizes from small MSPs to Fortune 1000 Companies.

Platform Overview

AlertOps is a leader in automated IT Incident Management. Our SaaS-based software, enables an organization to take control of incidents and automate actions that reduce cost, protect revenue, and maintain a quality customer experience. Response Teams use the AlertOps Platform to identify issues and opportunities in real time and bring together the right people to resolve problems quicky and prevent them in the future. Organizations of all sizes trust AlertOps to help them deliver an optimal user experience, with every engagement. Notable customers include Macy’s, Intel, AAA, Deloitte, DC.Gov, BHP, Accenture, Sanofi, Atos, ARM and more.

Top Level Benefits AlertOps Provides

  • Reduced Costs
  • Enhanced visibility to reduce the impact of outages
  • Protect Reputation
  • Improve customer satisfaction, both internally and externally
  • Protect IT investments
  • Improved Communication and Collaboration
  • No-Code Approach with an Open API
  • White Glove Onboarding & Support
  • Heartbeat Monitoring

Flexibility for Unique & Complex Customization

  • Escalations & Workflow Engine
  • Build SLA based escalations and workflows
  • Build alert-based escalations and workflows

Nested Groups & Schedules

  • Improve your scheduling administration

Enriched Communication

  • Ability to notify/alert with custom messaging for specific users/groups (Stakeholders) (including company logo with HTML)

Integration with Service Management Automation X (SMAX)

AlertOps’ alert management system can be integrated with SMAX to receive and respond to all (predefined status mappings) alerts through email, SMS, push notification or phone alerts. AlertOps would ensure that the incident status would reach the appropriate team by using proper workflows, escalation policies and schedules. Based on your ruleset, incidents can be automatically opened and closed, depending on how a SMAX incident is updated.

The above scenario and scope for integration is due to the fact that AlertOps has a very flexible and simple API/Webhook configuration feature that can be leveraged with SMAX's integration capabilities. With SMAX's API, a two-way integration can also be done.

Pre-Requisites - AlertOps account, Inbound Integration API URL, SMAX On-Premise Bridge Agent and Endpoint Credentials Manager

Instructions - Link to guide provided in the Resources Section, and Document provided in the Releases section.

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AlertOps - SMAX Integrations 1.0
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Nov 8, 2021
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Product compatibility
Version 2021.02 · 2021.05 · 2021.08 · 2021.11
Version 2021.02 · 2021.05 · 2021.08 · 2021.11
Release notes

This integration serves to integrate AlertOps and Service Management Automation X (SMAX) 'Incidents'.

Prerequisites for this integration to work: AlertOps Account setup with SMAX Inbound Integration, On-Premise Bridge Agent for SMAX, Endpoint Credentials Manager for SMAX.

This release contains the document that provides instructions on how to setup the integration (setup agents, endpoints, update business/studio rules in SMAX to send out alerts to AlertOps)



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