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Utilize a future-ready, open data platform for SIEM security monitoring that transforms data chaos into security insight. SODP’s connectors collect and enrich data in real time to give you organized information that can be used instantly. Manage all your devices, connectors, and destinations with the ArcSight Management Center and the Transformation Hub.

Security Open Data Platform

A platform that grows with you

SODP features the Transformation Hub, which is capable of extracting hundreds of thousands of events per second. In addition, ArcSight's connectors help enterprises scale their SIEM security monitoring while reducing network traffic. SODP facilitates an open security environment where you can utilize existing data lakes and analytics tools—essentially future-proofing your security operations.

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Add contextual information to security data

Extract more intelligence from your data with less effort by leveraging the Common Event Format (CEF) to structure all your incoming SIEM platform data. Real-time data enrichment adds security context to raw data, making it instantly usable to any CyberRes or third-party analytics tool.

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Keep track of your security posture

SODP provides continuous security monitoring with intuitive metrics and visualizations of your data. Its end-to-end view of all your devices, connectors, and destinations helps to identify issues and reduce response time on your data platform. SODP scales with your enterprise and adds meaning to your data, enabling your analysts to act on time-sensitive security information.

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Collect from all your data sources

With out-of-the-box SmartConnector support for hundreds of data sources and a custom connector creation tool, SODP enables you to collect data from all types of data sources. Expand your security monitoring reach by connecting existing data lakes, analytics tools, and other third-party SIEM technologies throughout your organization.

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Organize and simplify SIEM data traffic

Choose how you store, search, and analyze data on your SIEM data platform. The Transformation Hub (an Apache Kafka-based message bus) coordinates enriched data to multiple locations simultaneously for real-time analytics and archival.

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