Fortify Software Security Center

Security SDLC Risk Management

Manage, measure and integrate security for the entire software lifecycle.

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Centralized management for AppSec

Centralized, comprehensive dashboards and reporting to manage the software risk in an organization. Security and dev teams collaborate, triage and fix vulnerabilities as they change over time in one unified view.

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Leverage machine learning for automated auditing

Use machine learning to automate validation of security issues. Leverage previous audit decisions of Fortify’s knowledge base or your own audit data.

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Flexible reporting, accurate risk management

Get a complete view of your application security activities: risk, trending issues, remediation efforts, improvements; all reports and compliance management.

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Frictionless collaboration across the enterprise

Bring security professionals, development and QA teams together so they can communicate, collaborate to prioritize and resolve application security issues.

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Automate for speed and efficiency

Automatically publish and merge security scans into SSC and feed those results out to the entire enterprise via tools such as IDEs, bug trackers, build servers and orchestration tools.

"We integrate with that"

Work with what developers use! Integrations such as IDEs, build tools, code repositories, bug tracking, ticketing systems and an extensible API make AppSec easier than ever before.

State of security in DevOps

Embed security into application development and deployment to deliver on the promise of DevOps Security.

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